martes, diciembre 21, 2010

free, really free

Another one of my favorite programs is Freebirth. Linux bass synthesizer, sampler player and sequencer, it can create great delays, and distortion (saturation) to the samples.

It consist of three windows, the main and biggest window where the patterns are configured and arranged, also here is the mixer with volume control. The second window is for pitching each of the steps of the samples, so you can create a singular rythm and modify the samples you load. And the third window where the delay seems to be affected. This small window (which appears down on the right side of the screenshot) also have some knobs to configure the delay time and saturation.

I used it to experiment with live changes and distortions of sounds, as you cannot record or save a session.

What I used to do was take screenshots of the order of samples in the sequencer. and the knobs positions. Pretty much of what you do on a drum machine or a custom knob.

this track was made using freebirth only

bits - lsday (aka "a cat's nightmare")

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