jueves, septiembre 01, 2011

The origin of Linux Linus Trovals

Linus Trovals talks about how linux was formed, at the Computer History Museum

Richard Stallman

Father of the GNU/Linux talking about free software



miércoles, abril 06, 2011


Hi, I've uploaded some other beats on the soundcloud.com server, you just need to go to http://soundcloud.com/bugsinthesystem

or click here to go to my profile

I have just 2 new beats there, and as the sound quality is way better that the provided here I may be uploading the new material at soundcloud. see ya there

domingo, enero 23, 2011

orgami maker

Another track made with the korg- ES1, and the YamahaDX27.
This one started as an exercise to warm my fingers, and the beat just plays and plays as and endless loop.

I recorded the third time I played the track, I was improvising it but somehow I knew which notes better to play, though I made some mistakes this recording was made with the intention to keep the arrange in my head to improve it.

bits - missing crane