sábado, enero 26, 2013

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jueves, septiembre 01, 2011

The origin of Linux Linus Trovals

Linus Trovals talks about how linux was formed, at the Computer History Museum

Richard Stallman

Father of the GNU/Linux talking about free software



miércoles, abril 06, 2011


Hi, I've uploaded some other beats on the soundcloud.com server, you just need to go to http://soundcloud.com/bugsinthesystem

or click here to go to my profile

I have just 2 new beats there, and as the sound quality is way better that the provided here I may be uploading the new material at soundcloud. see ya there

domingo, enero 23, 2011

orgami maker

Another track made with the korg- ES1, and the YamahaDX27.
This one started as an exercise to warm my fingers, and the beat just plays and plays as and endless loop.

I recorded the third time I played the track, I was improvising it but somehow I knew which notes better to play, though I made some mistakes this recording was made with the intention to keep the arrange in my head to improve it.

bits - missing crane

viernes, diciembre 31, 2010


bits - mono

This track was made using the korg ES-1 and the Yamaha DX27, the piano sound wasn't sampled, both instruments were played live, well the ES-1 as you know is a drum machine that can be programmed to play a song, this means arrange a group of patterns and give them a playing order. This track isn't using that option, just using one programmed pattern introducing different beats using an effect.

lunes, diciembre 27, 2010

virtually real

Recommended movie by Lethe White

I don't even know why we never heard of this film, well I have an idea why... but anyways.. this movie was unexpectedly good. It's nice to see the talent of Alex Rivera being praised by awards but it's even better to know people like his films and that he's receiving support for his creations. I really enjoyed this movie, what I liked most was that it is in spanish.

The movie also reflects a reality we live in Mexico, it can be catalogue as sci-fi but shows real life situations that happen in the frontier towns like Tijuana, where work force and human energy are sold to foreign companies and countries.

This is a MUST SEEN.. go here to watch it free