sábado, diciembre 25, 2010

free for all

One thing about having friends is that, they will listen to you, even if what you say may not be relevant for their lives, or may not be of their interest at all, but they will listen because they care about you. In their own way of course...

I didn't know how much I appreciate that people could open up with me, or that I could open up to someone and they respect my privacy and care about what I say to the point that they can express an opinion about the matter or provide me with some advice.

This track is not finished but I felt I had to somehow publish it. I'm going to work on it a little bit more, in fact, there are already 2 versions of it, but this one I like it better, it feels more natural than the other one, maybe because is version number one.

Made with Hydrogen and the Yamaha DX-27

bits - d&b

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