lunes, diciembre 20, 2010


I used to put songs (a.k.a. dj) for a spanish online radio station, my music space (which consisted in a 2 hours playlist) was called El taladro electrónico, which means The electronic drill, and I played a lot my favorite electronic musicians.

Squarepusher (the link is to an interview back in 96, this is the link for his "official site", I just want to say that this new squarepusher is far from being what he was)
Amon Tobin (being my favorite the Cujo project)

Black Sun Empire
The prodigy

Sometimes I would include anime soundtracks, like Ghost in the shell SA, Cyberia (from Lain), Metal Gear Solid RED disc, Music for Freelance (Cowboy Bebop), and many others.

This is one of the tracks I made mixing and making samples in Virtual DJ to use as background music when I was speaking.

bits - b80

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