viernes, agosto 21, 2009

tryout, litterally

today i tested out the capabilities so far developed in the MT35 casiotone synthesizer and it goes like this...


**This is not a song so don't expect it to be too harmonious.

soon the mix of that !!!!!

jueves, agosto 20, 2009


because they always improve, they're never enough, and they will keep giving you headaches, the upgrades are always fun.

Casiotone MT35 still a long trip.

sábado, agosto 01, 2009


gracias Sam por ayudarme con la cámara!.

║newborn ░ ║

I found this piano toy in a flea market for $5.00 mxn ($.50c USD) and decided to play with it. So far I have added 3 more styles of sound, the long tone, the short, and the distortion. I didn't have any switches and didn't care to buy some, i decided to use some old christmas lights to try it. Added a green LED for "on", a turn on/off switch (which is going to be replace for one on the top of the case), and the next step is to add a 3.5 mm audio output.

Encontré este piano de juguete en un "sobreruedas" (tianguis) por 5 pesos y dedicí jugar con él. Hasta el momento le añadi 3 estilos diferentes de sonido, el tono largo, el corto y la distorción. No tenía ningun tipo de switch, usé luces de unas serie de luces navideñas para probar. Le añadí una luz LED verde para indicar el encendido, un apagador (el cual será replazado por uno sobre la superficie de la cobertura), y el siguiente paso es añadir una salida de audio de 3.5 mm.

lunes, junio 29, 2009

waking up the beat

Whenever I have the chance as everyday I get up at 7 am, early in the morning the beats start hitting hard in the head so I go to my "playroom" and i kick those beats out!

What im using is a drummachine software (hammerhead), a Realistic 32-1200 2 channel mixer

connected to a tape player and a yamaha dx27, no digital connections, just analogs. The audio quality is due to the recording was done by a the mic in a camera...

martes, junio 09, 2009


This is the city where I'm living right now, and where I've spent the last 9 years of my life. Best thing here is the people, it's a very relaxing city despite whatever is on the news. It's growing like mad, everyday people arrive and establish themselves in the best way they can and this results in it's cultural plurality.

Some pictures are going to be added soon, (yeah as soon as I take them) so you can all know Tijuana as I know it.